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Natural Art Trail

The goal of the Natural Art Trail - La Linda Loma is to give access to art, while making people aware of the importance of taking care of the environment. That's why I started creating a 1.2 km trail in a beautiful natural setting of 3 hectares. Through this trail, children (and adults) can learn about the fauna and flora of La Campana National Park (visited and studied by Charles Darwin himself) but also discover Land Art, with the theme of "natural resources" and motivate to take care of the environment. Indeed, unfortunately, ecology is not addressed in public education and the center of Chile has a serious problem of drought for example.

My project is inspired by the park "Inhotim" in Brazil, well, at my level, a mix between botanic and art (galleries and open air Artworks). 

The Nature Art Trail Project is located in the property of my family. My parents, swiss mother, chilean father have started since 1998 to create a little paradise at the border of the most beautiful National Park (La Campana) in the central region; a little "Oasis of Peace" in between Santiago and Valparaiso/Viña del Mar.


My parents getting old, I continue the project of "La Linda Loma", following the ecological way of living of my parents. That's why I have build an Eco Art House (cob house, with green roofs, rocket stove, dry toilets, solar shower and energy, 1500 recycled bottles, etc.) and I am developing more gardens with permaculture technics, in order to inspire people and show that it is possible to live with more ecology.

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